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PTZ-X2 Camera Controller

Price: $495.00
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Two-Camera PTZ Controller for Newtek™ TriCaster®

Two-Camera PTZ Controller for Newtek TriCaster®

PTZ-X2 is the easy to use, affordable solution for controlling up to two PTZ remote cameras with your TriCaster. Because it works within the TriCaster user environment, it's compatible with any PTZ camera that can interface with TriCaster, including serial, network, and even NDI® models.

While most PTZ controllers work exclusive of the TriCaster, PTZ-X2 offers the convenience of integrating with and complementing the existing PTZ controls already in TriCaster – you can use both. Rather than replacing the built-in camera controls, PTZ-X2 simply and elegantly provides an external tactile interface for TriCaster's software PTZ controls.

The Power of X

X means 10. As in 10 motion buttons for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. As in 10 custom preset positions per camera.

Pan and Tilt in 8 directions

8 momentary push-button keys provide precise, smooth positioning in the intended direction, unlike a joystick which can tend to overshoot your destination - or zig when you mean to zag! Light taps provide small incremental moves for re-framing existing presets, or hold for smooth motion and consistent speed within the full range of camera movement.

Lightning mode for camera setup

Depress either of the two lightning buttons, then tap any motion or zoom key to move rapidly in that direction. Ideal for quick setup of new preset positions. Jump quickly to the intended target area with lightning speed, then use standard slow controls to fine-tune the final preset framing with precision.

Zoom Zoom!

Sometimes you need to tighten up a shot, or add just a little head room around your subject.

Zoom in or out smoothly in fine increments without awkward movements that draw attention.

Preset Access..Anywhere!

Create and save up to 10 PTZ position presets per camera (20 total), then access each with one-button ease. Saving any preset with PTZ-X2 automatically adds a thumbnail image to the PTZ tab in TriCaster. Even access presets that were created within the TriCaster PTZ interface. Fully integrated to work with the TriCaster-native PTZ controls, not against them.

Compact, Ergonomic, and Visible

Small in size, big on features. Its small footprint is ideal for crowded desktops, and the non-slip angled feet provide a stable platform ready for work. The 24 LED back-lit keys are easily identified in most  any lighting environment.

Control Two PTZ Cameras

The CAM button toggles the PTZ controls to a second camera or back again, with an LED color change indicating which camera you are controlling (blue or red lighting indicates selected camera).


Works with any current* TriCaster including TC1, with or without Advanced Edition option. Simple USB connection, with no additional power required. *Not compatible with TC40, which does not offer native PTZ control

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